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Olympic Sponsors Brand Heathrow Airport

by Ray Ally on July 26, 2012

Photos: Ray Ally I’ve just flown into Heathrow Airport’s Terminal Five and was surprised by the lack of Olympic branding at the airport. Considering it’s the host airport for the games I think the organisers have missed a big opportunity. As when athletes, spectators and tourists arrive from around the world, the airport is the […]

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China Tomato Scrambled Egg Uniforms

by Ray Ally on July 28, 2008

Last week China announced the largest ever-Olympic team of 1,099, including 630 athletes. These include defending Olympic hurdles champion Liu Xiang, NBA superstar Yao Ming and diving queen Guo Jingjing. China’s ambition is to win the most gold medals and overtake America and Russia in the overall medals league tables. While the team has potential […]

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