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Shanghai’s Go-Fast Brand Image

by Ray Ally on April 13, 2012

Image: Ray Ally This weekend the Formula One (F1) circus comes to China with the Chinese Grand Prix in Shanghai. Hosting global events is one of the many ways cities in China seek to enhance their brand image at home and overseas. Sporting occasions are particularly attractive, but not every city can host an Olympic […]

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Shanghai Introduces One-Dog Policy

by Ray Ally on March 12, 2011

Photo: Ray Ally Shanghai is introducing a new one-dog policy in downtown and new urban areas. It comes into effect May 15 and will limit households to only owning one dog. The law is intended to control the growing dog population and make owners more responsible for their pets. Last year in Shanghai there were […]

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China’s Merging Of Western And Chinese Holidays

by Ray Ally on January 30, 2010

Red and green Christmas decorations have only just come down across China, but are now being replaced by red and gold Chinese New Year decorations. Year by year in China, the biggest holidays in the western calendar are merging with the biggest holidays in the Chinese lunar calendar. Plaza 66, Shanghai’s premier shopping centre has […]

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Obama’s Many Faces To China

by Ray Ally on November 16, 2009

Photo: Ray Ally President Obama arrived in Shanghai last night on the first stage of his three-day trip to China. This landmark visit has been eagerly anticipated by many on the mainland, especially the netizens of China. Everyone is eager to see what the new face of America has to say about China and the […]

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China’s Closet Gays Step Out

by Ray Ally on June 17, 2009

Photo: Ray Ally Last week Shanghai held the first ever Gay pride event in China. Compared to similar events around the world it was by all accounts a very low-key affair and almost went by unnoticed by the general public. ShanghaiPRIDE was a week long event organised by a local expatriate LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, […]

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Mish Mash Mascot

by Ray Ally on April 27, 2009

Photo: Ray Ally With just over a year to go before the World Expo opens China, this little character has been popping up everywhere in Shanghai. He is ‘Haribo’ the Expo mascot, designed to help promote the event, express the theme and embody the culture of the host city. However as mascots go, this character […]

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