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President Obama

Barack Obama appears in Weatherproof advert in Times Square When Obama visited Beijing last year he took time out from his busy schedule to take in some city sights. The Great Wall is a must see for any visitor, so naturally he was photographed on the wall. I remember watching the news that night and […]

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Obama’s Healthy Image Rebrands USA

by Ray Ally on November 21, 2009

Photo: Ray Ally Obama has just completed his first Presidential tour of Asia and has left a much healthier image of America in the eyes of China. He showed that he is committed to working together with China to help solve the global issues affecting both countries. Despite a lack off clear resolutions, being open […]

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Obama’s Many Faces To China

by Ray Ally on November 16, 2009

Photo: Ray Ally President Obama arrived in Shanghai last night on the first stage of his three-day trip to China. This landmark visit has been eagerly anticipated by many on the mainland, especially the netizens of China. Everyone is eager to see what the new face of America has to say about China and the […]

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