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Benetton’s Kissing Presidents: Make Love Not War

by Ray Ally on November 30, 2011

PHOTOS: BENETTON Public displays of affection like kissing or even holding hands between the sexes use to be taboo in China. This gradually relaxed with the opening up of China in the late eighties, though attitudes to homosexuality remain in the closet. The latest ads from Benetton would definitely be frowned upon, as they show […]

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Obama’s Healthy Image Rebrands USA

by Ray Ally on November 21, 2009

Photo: Ray Ally Obama has just completed his first Presidential tour of Asia and has left a much healthier image of America in the eyes of China. He showed that he is committed to working together with China to help solve the global issues affecting both countries. Despite a lack off clear resolutions, being open […]

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Obama’s Blackberry, My Blockberry

by Ray Ally on July 17, 2009

Everyone knows that Obama is addicted to his wireless handheld device and now has a super spy proof Blackberry 8830. But what you might not know is that he is unofficially promoting the brand in China. Well–not really–as the brand being promoted is called a Blockberry and is from one of the many Shanzhai companies […]

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