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LeBron Brings Hoops and Dreams to China’s Youth

by Ray Ally on August 28, 2009

Photos: Ray Ally Basketball is the most popular sport in China with an estimated 300 million Chinese regularly watching or playing the sport. So when the King of basketball comes to China it’s a guaranteed slumdunk for the game. LeBron James, aka King James, arrived in Beijing on Monday for a three-day tour of China. […]

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Adidas Gold Fever

by Ray Ally on August 20, 2008

Photo: Ray Ally With the Olympics well into the second week the race between the sporting brands is approaching the final bend. Li Ning’s spectacular ultimate ambush of the opening ceremony is now a distant memory as the battle is really only between the two giants of Nike and adidas. Nike who has dressed the […]

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Puma Unmasks a Chinese Face

by Ray Ally on August 12, 2008

Photo: Ray Ally With the Olympics being held in China for the first time most brands both local and international have jumped on the ‘China brandwagon’ trying win over the 1.3 billion Chinese consumers. Even the most American of brands like Coke, Budweiser and Nike have not be immune to this advertising trend. Sports brands […]

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China Tomato Scrambled Egg Uniforms

by Ray Ally on July 28, 2008

Last week China announced the largest ever-Olympic team of 1,099, including 630 athletes. These include defending Olympic hurdles champion Liu Xiang, NBA superstar Yao Ming and diving queen Guo Jingjing. China’s ambition is to win the most gold medals and overtake America and Russia in the overall medals league tables. While the team has potential […]

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Nike’s Olympic Terracotta Army

by Ray Ally on June 7, 2008

With the Beijing Olympics only weeks away, Nike is massing its troops to invade Beijing and takeover the Olympic games. Now these troops are not real people but an army of in-store mannequins resembling the famous Terracotta warriors. The original Terracotta warriors numbering around 8,000 are in Xian in Shaanxi province and date back to […]

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