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Benetton’s Kissing Presidents: Make Love Not War

by Ray Ally on November 30, 2011

PHOTOS: BENETTON Public displays of affection like kissing or even holding hands between the sexes use to be taboo in China. This gradually relaxed with the opening up of China in the late eighties, though attitudes to homosexuality remain in the closet. The latest ads from Benetton would definitely be frowned upon, as they show […]

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25 Blogs Chinese Advertisers Should Read

by Ray Ally on October 31, 2009

Last week Ad Age China (part of Advertising Age) listed this blog, X-RAY China, as one of the 25 blogs Chinese advertisers should read. The special report written by Normandy Madden, featured some of the best-known bloggers in China. I was very proud and honoured to be on the list, which contained heavyweight journalists including […]

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A teenage web addict died at an Internet rehab camp where he had been sent to cure his addiction. Deng Senshan, a 15-year old schoolboy boy had only just arrived at the centre when he was put into solitary confinement and then beaten to death by the trainers The Qihang Salvation Training Camp, in Nanjing […]

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Hello China World!

by Ray Ally on August 1, 2009

Photo: Ray Ally Welcome to X-Ray China, again and again, as this is now the third time I have created and launched this site! I started over a year ago using ( which I was pretty happy with. As a newbie blogger I didn’t have any experience of writing or editing HTML code (and […]

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China Blogs On Fire

by Ray Ally on February 16, 2009

Photo: Ray Ally A week ago last Monday night, 9th February 2009, there was a mysterious fire at the unfinished CCTV Tower complex in Beijing. The main iconic tower designed by Rem Koolhaus was undamaged but the unoccupied 40-story Mandarin Oriental Tower was completely gutted in the inferno. Official news stories and reports were hard […]

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1 out of 200,000,000 and Rising

by Ray Ally on May 1, 2008

Well I suppose it was inevitable that I would eventually jump on the digital bandwagon and embrace the new web 2.0 age. I read recently there are now well over 200,000,000 internet users in China, a number growing by tens of thousands every day. So someone once said that you are never too old or […]

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