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Fuwa Mascots

Mish Mash Mascot

by Ray Ally on April 27, 2009

Photo: Ray Ally With just over a year to go before the World Expo opens China, this little character has been popping up everywhere in Shanghai. He is ‘Haribo’ the Expo mascot, designed to help promote the event, express the theme and embody the culture of the host city. However as mascots go, this character […]

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The People’s Games The People’s Graphics

by Ray Ally on August 1, 2008

I love the Olympic games – and have been a devoted fan since watching my first games back in 1972. My dad had recently bought our first colour television, which for a nine-year-old boy made the event even more memorable, spectacular and colourful. As a graphic designer my ultimate dream project has always been to […]

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Fuwa—Beijing’s Mighty Mascots

by Ray Ally on July 7, 2008

Photo: Ray Ally Does anyone remember the Olympic mascots from Sydney or Athens or Atlanta? Well I doubt it, but I think the Beijing Fuwa will be remembered for a long after the games. There has been a lot of criticism and bad press about the Fuwa Olympic mascots since they were launched several years […]

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