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Learning Mandarin For Branding

by Ray Ally on June 27, 2011

Photo: Ray Ally It’s been almost three months since I started my career break from my branding career to learn Mandarin. I thought I would have more time to relax and do all those things I have been putting off like writing more frequently on this blog. However studying Mandarin six hours a day in […]

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Let’s Appreciate The People’s Money

by Ray Ally on January 26, 2011

Photos: Ray Ally The face of Chairman Mao was in the news again, as China’s President, Hu Jintao, made his latest state visit to the US. A hot topic was the exchange rate of the Chinese yuan and the US dollar. I don’t know if appreciation of the yuan will solve America’s financial problems, but […]

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Photos: Ray Ally Last week the new look China Daily newspaper landed on my doorstep. Launched on March 1st to coincide with the opening of China’s National Peoples Congress in Beijing. The newspaper has made many new changes in editorial and content as well as implementing a bold new design. China Daily is the official […]

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Photos: Ray Ally Bottled water sales have dropped in the US due to the recession and consumer concerns about environmental issues of using plastic bottles. This has led manufacturers to look to Asia for growth, where demand for safe hygienic water is rising. The latest brand to enter China is Glacéau’s Vitaminwater, a fruity vitamin […]

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Made In China Ad Sends Wrong Message

by Ray Ally on December 15, 2009

Photo: Screen shots from Made In China ad. I just spent 10 days in a local Chinese hospital without newspapers, television or internet. So when I got home I was disappointed that one of the first things I saw was the “Made in China” ad on CNN. Although the 30 second ad was well made, […]

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10-Year Heavenly Sleep

by Ray Ally on July 10, 2009

The most famous hotel bed brand in the world has come to China. The Westin Heavenly Bed is now available to buy at the Westin Beijing Financial Street. It’s been 10 years since the bed was launched back in 1999 and to celebrate its anniversary it can now be bought in Beijing. Through customer research […]

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Designer Wallpaper Made in China

by Ray Ally on June 1, 2009

Photo: Ray Ally The June edition of the ultra-cool designer magazine Wallpaper has had a China makeover this month, as the entire magazine was written, designed and produced, literally in China. Wallpaper shipped its editorial team to Shanghai and Beijing and set then up in temporary offices for a month. This was to ensure that […]

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Air China’s New Bird

by Ray Ally on April 13, 2009

Photo: Ray Ally Taking an early flight out of Beijing airport last week, I caught sight of Air China’s new bird, a beautiful Phoenix, which was taxing across the runway. Now I am no plane spotter and I have never been a bird spotter either, but I was taken in by the striking new livery […]

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China Tomato Scrambled Egg Uniforms

by Ray Ally on July 28, 2008

Last week China announced the largest ever-Olympic team of 1,099, including 630 athletes. These include defending Olympic hurdles champion Liu Xiang, NBA superstar Yao Ming and diving queen Guo Jingjing. China’s ambition is to win the most gold medals and overtake America and Russia in the overall medals league tables. While the team has potential […]

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