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Goooogled Out The Google saga has been running for weeks, but I got bored and Gooooogled out a long time ago. Every news station, newspaper and blog has covered the story to death. From politicians, journalists to amateur armchair activists, the story has been reported from every angle. However, for the last word on this […]

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Photos: Ray Ally Bottled water sales have dropped in the US due to the recession and consumer concerns about environmental issues of using plastic bottles. This has led manufacturers to look to Asia for growth, where demand for safe hygienic water is rising. The latest brand to enter China is Glacéau’s Vitaminwater, a fruity vitamin […]

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Crazy Colourful Outdoor Olympic Parties

by Ray Ally on August 10, 2008

On opening night I was one of the estimated 16,309,000 million Beijingers that didn’t get to see the opening event at the Birds Nest stadium. For those lucky few, well 91,000 few, they witnessed a spectacular show on a never before seen scale. Most locals stayed at home to watch it with their family on […]

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Coke – Painting The Town Red

by Ray Ally on August 6, 2008

Photo: Ray Ally With less than two days to go before the games, Coca Cola has for been busy painting the town red. An Olympic sponsor since 1928 in Amsterdam, Coke continues to be one of the most visible and creative sponsors of the Olympics. In China, the latest poster campaign features a kaleidoscope of […]

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