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Chinese New Year

Empire State Building Turns Red and Yellow The Chinese New Year Festival last 15 days so it has been rather quiet in China. I have also been on holiday so posting less frequently than normal. This Sunday is the Lantern Festival, which ends the Lunar New Celebrations so I should get back to posting more […]

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Roaaar In The Tiger New Year

by Ray Ally on February 11, 2010

Photos: Ray Ally Chinese New Year is fast approaching as the moo of the Ox makes way for the roar of the Tiger. As the third sign in the Chinese Zodiac, it is a symbol of power and authority, which rules the other animals. Over the past few weeks red lanterns and red and gold […]

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China’s Merging Of Western And Chinese Holidays

by Ray Ally on January 30, 2010

Red and green Christmas decorations have only just come down across China, but are now being replaced by red and gold Chinese New Year decorations. Year by year in China, the biggest holidays in the western calendar are merging with the biggest holidays in the Chinese lunar calendar. Plaza 66, Shanghai’s premier shopping centre has […]

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China Blogs On Fire

by Ray Ally on February 16, 2009

Photo: Ray Ally A week ago last Monday night, 9th February 2009, there was a mysterious fire at the unfinished CCTV Tower complex in Beijing. The main iconic tower designed by Rem Koolhaus was undamaged but the unoccupied 40-story Mandarin Oriental Tower was completely gutted in the inferno. Official news stories and reports were hard […]

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Raise The Red Lanterns

by Ray Ally on January 19, 2009

Photos: Ray Ally All across Beijing red lanterns have been appearing in the streets, offices, restaurants, hotels and residential apartments to signal in the coming of Chinese New Year. Red lanterns play a special part in Chinese customs signifying, luck, happiness and prosperity for the coming year. Chinese New Year or Spring Festival (as it […]

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A Picture Tells Sixty-Nine Thousand Stories

by Ray Ally on January 12, 2009

Photo: Ray Ally Eight months to the day (May 12th 2008), a powerful earthquake measuring 7.9 magnitude rocked Sichuan province in China, killing tens of thousands and making millions homeless. If every picture tells a story then these pictures tell 69,227 stories – one for each of the people that died. As 2008 draws to […]

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