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Photos: Ray Ally In the past few weeks anti-Japanese sentiment has risen in China, fuelled by the controversy over the Diaoyu Islands. Both China and Japan claim ownership to these uninhabited lands, which have rich deposits of natural resources. There have been protests across the country and many Japanese businesses were attacked and vandalised. Riots […]

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Shanghai’s Go-Fast Brand Image

by Ray Ally on April 13, 2012

Image: Ray Ally This weekend the Formula One (F1) circus comes to China with the Chinese Grand Prix in Shanghai. Hosting global events is one of the many ways cities in China seek to enhance their brand image at home and overseas. Sporting occasions are particularly attractive, but not every city can host an Olympic […]

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Benetton’s Kissing Presidents: Make Love Not War

by Ray Ally on November 30, 2011

PHOTOS: BENETTON Public displays of affection like kissing or even holding hands between the sexes use to be taboo in China. This gradually relaxed with the opening up of China in the late eighties, though attitudes to homosexuality remain in the closet. The latest ads from Benetton would definitely be frowned upon, as they show […]

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Big Trend: Small Luxury Cars In China

by Ray Ally on November 9, 2011

Photos: Ray Ally One the biggest trends in the auto industry over the last few years has been the introduction of small luxury cars. Audi is the last of the big three German brands to launch it’s own version. It went on sale last month and I saw it at an eye-catching exhibition stand at […]

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Learning Mandarin For Branding

by Ray Ally on June 27, 2011

Photo: Ray Ally It’s been almost three months since I started my career break from my branding career to learn Mandarin. I thought I would have more time to relax and do all those things I have been putting off like writing more frequently on this blog. However studying Mandarin six hours a day in […]

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Shanghai Introduces One-Dog Policy

by Ray Ally on March 12, 2011

Photo: Ray Ally Shanghai is introducing a new one-dog policy in downtown and new urban areas. It comes into effect May 15 and will limit households to only owning one dog. The law is intended to control the growing dog population and make owners more responsible for their pets. Last year in Shanghai there were […]

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Gap China Brings East And West Together

by Ray Ally on February 16, 2011

Photo: Ray Ally The blending of East and West is a familiar concept in Asia. Gap China’s latest advertising takes a fresh look at this idea, through the pairing of creative people from America and China. The theme is brought to life, through simple yet engaging images, shot by world famous photographer Annie Leibovitz. The […]

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Beijing Trials New Electric Mini E

by Ray Ally on February 1, 2011

Photo: Ray Ally In Russ Meyer’s recent article, 2011: The Rise of the Electric Car, in Fast Company magazine he poses an interesting question. In 20 years time, “the Big Three Automakers” may look very different than they do today. Which brands do you think will own the emerging electric car market? From what I […]

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Let’s Appreciate The People’s Money

by Ray Ally on January 26, 2011

Photos: Ray Ally The face of Chairman Mao was in the news again, as China’s President, Hu Jintao, made his latest state visit to the US. A hot topic was the exchange rate of the Chinese yuan and the US dollar. I don’t know if appreciation of the yuan will solve America’s financial problems, but […]

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