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CCTV Makes a Splash

by Ray Ally on October 13, 2009

China Central Television’s (CCTV) new advertising ident is inspired by traditional Chinese ink and wash painting. However, the concept is rendered by state-of-the art computer graphics to create an atmospheric modern masterpiece. It starts with a droplet of ink in water, which transforms into mountains, a fish, a bird and then a dragon. These are […]

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5:12 – Sichuan’s Unlucky Numbers

by Ray Ally on May 12, 2009

Photo: Ray Ally I am staying at the Shangri-la in Qingdao, coincidentally on the 12th floor but this morning I need no reminder of the importance of this number. Today is May 12; the 5th month and 12th day and a date which everyone in China remembers. It was a year ago since a terrible […]

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China Blogs On Fire

by Ray Ally on February 16, 2009

Photo: Ray Ally A week ago last Monday night, 9th February 2009, there was a mysterious fire at the unfinished CCTV Tower complex in Beijing. The main iconic tower designed by Rem Koolhaus was undamaged but the unoccupied 40-story Mandarin Oriental Tower was completely gutted in the inferno. Official news stories and reports were hard […]

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