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Photos: Ray Ally In the past few weeks anti-Japanese sentiment has risen in China, fuelled by the controversy over the Diaoyu Islands. Both China and Japan claim ownership to these uninhabited lands, which have rich deposits of natural resources. There have been protests across the country and many Japanese businesses were attacked and vandalised. Riots […]

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Reinventing Foreign Brands For China

by Ray Ally on November 15, 2011

China has the most diverse and dynamic brandscape in the world. Fuelled by a growing population of over 1.34 billion and a rising middle class that’s aspires to luxury brands. Consumers in China are more open to trying new brands especially foreign brands, even those that may seem tired and old in the west. Which […]


Gap China Brings East And West Together

by Ray Ally on February 16, 2011

Photo: Ray Ally The blending of East and West is a familiar concept in Asia. Gap China’s latest advertising takes a fresh look at this idea, through the pairing of creative people from America and China. The theme is brought to life, through simple yet engaging images, shot by world famous photographer Annie Leibovitz. The […]

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Peking Pound Buys Up London

by Ray Ally on January 21, 2011

Photo: Ray Ally Having recently returned from Christmas holidays in London, I witnessed first hand the effect of the “Peking Pound”. In previous decades the Americans, then Arabs, followed by the Japanese and Russians had the spending power in London. Now the wealthy Chinese, are arriving in increasing numbers to take advantage of the strong […]

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China’s New Girl Power

by Ray Ally on May 4, 2009

Last week I did a CNN interview in Beijing, with a bubbly reporter called Emily Chang. She was writing a story about Western brands targeting Chinese women in their 20’s and 30’s, particularly in the areas of fashion and beauty. You can read the full story “Western Brands Eye Chinese Women” and watch the video […]

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