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London’s Olympic Doom And Gloom

by Ray Ally on May 14, 2012

Photos: Ray Ally I just got back from UK, where it rained everyday and was the wettest April on record. But what was more disappointing was the general atmosphere of doom and gloom about the London Olympics. I expected to find the city buzzing with excitement and sporting energy. However, most people didn’t seem bothered […]

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King Kevin Rocks King Richard III

by Ray Ally on November 13, 2011

Photo: Ray Ally Beijing receives many royal and foreign dignitaries, but it’s rare to have a Shakespearean King played by one of Hollywood’s royalty. Richard III opened last Friday for a special three night only run at the iconic “Egg” theatre, the National Centre For The Performing Arts. This version is a modern take on […]


Beijing – The 72nd Most Liveable City In The World

by Ray Ally on February 26, 2011

Photo: Ray Ally China is now the number two economy in the world, behind the USA. Despite the kudos and money this brings, it doesn’t seem to equate to a better quality of life. In a recent survey, Beijing only ranked 72nd in the list of the world’s most liveable cities. In the survey by […]

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Beijing Trials New Electric Mini E

by Ray Ally on February 1, 2011

Photo: Ray Ally In Russ Meyer’s recent article, 2011: The Rise of the Electric Car, in Fast Company magazine he poses an interesting question. In 20 years time, “the Big Three Automakers” may look very different than they do today. Which brands do you think will own the emerging electric car market? From what I […]

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Get Your World Cup Kit On!

by Ray Ally on June 18, 2010

Photo: Found on the web England vs Argentina. The World Cup kicked off this week in South Africa, without China who failed to qualify. Despite this football is a hugely popular spectator sport in the country. In Beijing, many of the bars and restaurants have been packed with fans watching the games late into the […]

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Photo: Ray Ally Next Saturday, 27th March at 8.30pm is the Global Earth Hour, organised by The World Wildlife Fund. An event where participating households and businesses, will turn off their lights and non-essential appliances for one hour. Last year, I wrote  it was disappointingly not very dim in Beijing. However, this year a new […]

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Icograda Conference in China

by Ray Ally on October 20, 2009

I received my invitation for the Icograda World Design Congress 2009, happening in Beijing next week. The bi-annual event brings together many organisations, including designers, educators and other creative professionals to discuss the future of communication design. It’s the first time the event has been held in China and the theme for this year is […]

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China’s Mighty Military Parade

by Ray Ally on October 2, 2009

Photos: Ray Ally The 60th anniversary of the Founding of The People’s Republic of China celebration began with a huge military parade. Despite living in Beijing, the event was closed off to the general public. The government authorities had earlier advised people, not to go out and to stay at home. So, like billions of […]

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Beijing Steps Up Street Security

by Ray Ally on September 28, 2009

Photos: Ray Ally I have been traveling for over week, so on my return to Beijing the first thing you notice is the security. With only days to go before the 60th anniversary celebration on October 1st, the streets around the city are full of armed police. The Beijing authorities have deployed an army of […]

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