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November 2011

Benetton’s Kissing Presidents: Make Love Not War

by Ray Ally on November 30, 2011

PHOTOS: BENETTON Public displays of affection like kissing or even holding hands between the sexes use to be taboo in China. This gradually relaxed with the opening up of China in the late eighties, though attitudes to homosexuality remain in the closet. The latest ads from Benetton would definitely be frowned upon, as they show […]

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No Medals For London’s Olympic Posters

by Ray Ally on November 24, 2011

The official posters for the London 2012 Olympics were unveiled earlier this month in London. Despite being created by some of Britain’s best artists, the response from the public and the press has been largely negative. With comments ranging from “absolute rubbish” to “my two year old baby could of done better”. Art has always […]


Reinventing Foreign Brands For China

by Ray Ally on November 15, 2011

China has the most diverse and dynamic brandscape in the world. Fuelled by a growing population of over 1.34 billion and a rising middle class that’s aspires to luxury brands. Consumers in China are more open to trying new brands especially foreign brands, even those that may seem tired and old in the west. Which […]


King Kevin Rocks King Richard III

by Ray Ally on November 13, 2011

Photo: Ray Ally Beijing receives many royal and foreign dignitaries, but it’s rare to have a Shakespearean King played by one of Hollywood’s royalty. Richard III opened last Friday for a special three night only run at the iconic “Egg” theatre, the National Centre For The Performing Arts. This version is a modern take on […]


Big Trend: Small Luxury Cars In China

by Ray Ally on November 9, 2011

Photos: Ray Ally One the biggest trends in the auto industry over the last few years has been the introduction of small luxury cars. Audi is the last of the big three German brands to launch it’s own version. It went on sale last month and I saw it at an eye-catching exhibition stand at […]

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